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The Hot Spring Spas Clean Screen™ Pre-filter

You probably want the cleanest water in your hot tub. If so, you need the Hot Spring Spas Clean Screen™ Pre-filter.

The Clean Screen keeps your hot tub water as clean as possible every time you fill it.

It helps to remove organic contaminants and metals, including iron and copper, from your water, before they’re introduced into your hot tub. This filter also helps prevent your water from turning green from excessive metals in the water. Using a pre-filter is also extremely important if you are filling your hot tub with well water.

It’s also easy to use. Simply attach the Clean Screen to your garden hose to filter out organic contaminants, tannins, and metals, such as copper or iron.

Clean Screen Details

  • This filter lasts for approximately 5 – 6 complete hot tub water changes.
  • Just attach it to a garden hose, fill your spa and enjoy fresh, clean water.
  • This innovative water care product works especially well with the SPA FROG system to optimize water treatment.
  • Life Span 5000 Gallons

Use the Clean Screen pre-filter to ensure that fresh, clean water is introduced into your spa. This chemical-free treatment helps you experience superior water quality and extends the time between water changes.

Stop by today to pick up your Clean Screen!

How to Change Your Hot Tub Filters

Your hot filters are the silent warrior working every day in your hot tub to ensure it performs well. They work in the background, trapping particles as water runs through the filter media. These same hot tub filters are your most important defense against dirty spa water.

We want to help you take care of them well and when needed, replace them. In this article, we look at how to change your hot tub filters.


Elevate Your Hot Tub Experience from Good to Great

Whether you have a spa or are thinking about getting one, this article shows you how to use your five senses to elevate your hot tub. This is actually the secret to the best soak, day after day.

The best thing you can do when soaking in your spa is immerse yourself in the warm water, while engaging all of your senses. Think of it as mindful soaking.

In this article, let’s look at how to elevate your hot tub experience from good to great. (more…)

Best-In-Class Hot Tub Experience

Are you wishing for a new hot tub? Want to make the perfect backyard retreat, especially while you’re staying at home this spring and summer?

Having a place to de-stress and spend time with family in your own backyard is the perfect answer right now and in the future! If you’ve been checking out hot tub models online or visited one of our showrooms, but you haven’t taken the plunge, read on. This might be just the news you’ve been waiting for. (more…)