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How To Add Chemicals To Your Hot Tub

It’s fall, and that means it’s prime hot tub time! If you just bought a hot tub, or you need a refreshers, we’ve got directions below for how to add chemicals to your hot tub!

You have a Caldera Spa, and you’re looking forward to using it. Here’s how to change the chemicals.

All Caldera spa models come standard with the Frog® @ease In-Line System with SmartChlor® Technology.

This inline-water care is a two cartridge system that includes a chlorine or bromine cartridge and a mineral cartridge. It’s easy to maintain the water sanitation with minimal added chemicals. This video shows you where you add the liquid or granules in the spa when it’s time to shock the spa water or add chemicals. The type of chemicals you add vary depending on the hot tub sanitizer you choose.

To add chemicals to your hot tub, follow these steps:

  1. Unlock your hot tub cover straps and fully open the spa cover
  2. Depending on your hot tub model, open the spa filter lid or basket
  3. Using the hot tub control panel, start the clean cycle
  4. Carefully measure the recommended amount of granular or liquid spa chemicals
  5. Pour the hot tub chemicals into the water above the filter
  6. Once the hot tub cleaning cycle finishes, wait an additional ten minutes to allow for chemicals to dissipate before closing the hot tub filter cover, closing up or using your spa. For safety, don’t ever leave your hot tub unattended when the cover is removed or open.
  7. After the ten minutes, return the hot tub filter lid or basket, close the cover and lock the straps.

Final Thoughts

It’s fairly simple to add chemicals to your Caldera Spa. If you still have questions, though, please contact us. We’d love to help!

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